Are you shopping for a luxury wagon in Tucson? If so, then we recommend that you check out the Volvo V90 at Volvo Cars Tucson. The V90 stands apart from other wagons because it comes loaded with features that enhance versatility.

The V90 comes with a graphical head-up display that allows you to keep an eye on the road while checking vehicle information. The digital image hovers in front of the windshield directly in your line of sight. The brightness of the image will automatically adjust to changing light conditions, and this feature also offers personal preference settings.

Volvo Navigation is available with this wagon. This system can be operated with steering wheel controls or voice-activated technology, and the road directions are conveniently shown on the center display and driver display. With this innovative navigation system, you also have access to in-car apps that help you avoid traffic and reach your destination as quickly as possible.



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