A vehicle's tires need to be rotated after approximately 5,000 miles. Tire tread commonly does not wear evenly. The front or rear tires wear faster depending on whether the vehicle has front or rear-wheel drive. By rotating the tires, the tread depth remains similar on all of the tires, which ensures better handling and gripping ability. Wheel alignment may cause uneven wear. But, by rotating the tires, each is also balanced and alignment for better traction.

Depending on the signs of wear, the tires are rotated from front to back and crossed in specific patterns. The rearward cross pattern is used for 4WD, AWD, and RWD vehicles. The forward cross or the X rotation pattern is used for FWD vehicles.

When needing tires rotated, repaired, or replaced, consult our Tucson, AZ Volvo Cars Tucson technicians. Our experienced team is prepared to handle all of your maintenance and repair needs.

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