If you could easily decode an automotive tire's size, you might enjoy your next tire-shopping trip in Tucson, AZ. Today's tips can turn that vision into reality.

Tire companies often begin their sizes with either P or LT. The first abbreviation indicates that the tire can support a passenger vehicle, like a car, crossover vehicle, or a small SUV. Meanwhile, LT means light truck, and that designation covers most pickups and SUVs. Importantly, some manufacturers begin their size codes with a section-width measurement, a standard feature of highway-legal tire sizes. Using millimeters, section width shows the distance that separates the tire's sidewalls.

You'll find a slash next, which precedes the tire's aspect ratio. This value equals the section width divided into the sidewall's height. After the universal R, which means radial-ply construction, you'll see the size code's last value, wheel diameter. Offered in inches, this detail communicates the tire's corresponding rim size. We will happily answer any tire question at Volvo Cars Tucson.

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