What is Volvo Vision 2020?


Volvo has always diligently worked to develop and create top-of-the-line safety features that can help save lives. This passion for advanced and innovative safety technologies has led Volvo to create some of the world's safest vehicles on the road. In fact, the all-new Volvo XC90 has been deemed the safest car ever from Volvo due to its intelligent safety features. When you buy or lease a new or used Volvo at our Volvo dealership in Tucson, AZ, you'll benefit from these outstanding, life-saving technologies, whether you take home the rugged Volvo S60 Cross Country or the sporty Volvo S60i sedan. We encourage you to read below to learn more about the philosophy of Volvo when it comes to safety and which trusted safety features your new or used Volvo will come equipped with!

What is Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is the goal set by Volvo that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. Volvo calls this effort "Aiming for Zero" and strives to eliminate, or at least decrease the 1.3 million traffic deaths that occur globally each year. Volvo has gone about improving safety in its cars by accessing data from real-world collisions, conducting research and by testing their vehicles at their high-tech Safety Centre. This facility is also where Volvo conducts 300 crash tests a year, in addition to computer simulations.


What is Volvo IntelliSafe Technology?

Volvo IntelliSafe is the suite of intelligent driver-assistive technologies offered by Volvo on its new and used vehicles to keep you safe out on the road. These safety features aim to prevent or reduce injury during a collision. They also go one step further and actively anticipate danger to help you avoid a collision or accident in the first place. Features in this advanced suite of safety technologies include Adaptive Cruise Control, 360-degree Surround View, Driver Alert Control with Rest Stop Guidance, Active High Beam Control, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping Aid and more. Plus, you'll even benefit from City Safety technology that will help protect cyclists and pedestrians on crowded city streets.

What is Volvo Connected Safety Pilot Program?

The Volvo Connected Safety Pilot Program shares information between Volvo vehicles through the Cloud to help make roadways safer for everyone. A fleet of Volvo test cars are using Slippery Road Alert technology to detect icy roads and alert fellow Volvo drivers of these treacherous conditions through the Cloud. The goal in doing so is to help other Volvo drivers avoid the area completely so their safety wouldn't need to be compromised during their drive. There is even a Hazard Light Warning function for Volvo drivers to use that alerts other drivers to their hazard light activation.

With life-saving technologies like these, buying or leasing a Volvo is clearly a smart decision for you and your family. Visit Volvo Cars of Tucson today to tour our expansive showroom and shop our wide selection of Volvo vehicles all equipped with this remarkable safety capability. We hope to see you soon!

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